"We recently held a StarCraft Tournament at The Node and we were very satisfied by the organization and quality of the establishment. The staff were friendly, helpful, and accommodating to our needs during the running of as well as during the pre-set up of the event.  The place was clean, and well organized with top of the line rigs and very comfy chairs.  Being  a video-game based organization, we are very pleased and thankful to The Node in making us, and our members, relaxed and happy.  We will be back!"

        -- Lloyd Richards, CoS, University of Calgary Video Game Club

 "I've hosted events like LAN Parties and barbeques at my office before.  What a headache that was. 

When I approached the team at The Node, they made everything super easy. I was less stressed, the people invited didn't need to fight with any software patching and whatnot. When we arrived, everything was setup and ready to go.  

Everyone was on a level playing field because they were all on The Node's hardware - hardware that far exceeds that of the most hardcore gamer we had in the group. It was just easy.  

The atmosphere was great and everyone really enjoyed themselves at The Node.  I'm already planning for my next gathering to be held there."

        -- Mark Leonard, President, Bernoulli Networks

"We decided our creative team needed a much deserved break from the office. Everyone had been working very hard over the past couple of months and a little fun was in order - we chose The Node to host our now-to-be-annual Francomedia Frag Fest!

Our staff quickly joined an online server and began playing each other online - this was definitely one of the best things we have done as a group. Your team was awesome in helping the n00bs in our group (me) to get into the action and the food and beverages were a hit too!

You know something has gone right when all everyone can talk about on Monday was how much fun Friday afternoon was.

Thank you so much for helping organize the event and for being such an accommodating and gracious host - We will be back."

        -- KevinFranco, Chief Creative Officer, Francomedia.com